Friday, December 15, 2006

Liverpool vs Barcelona

Just this evening, when my roomie, wisd just come back from submitting his assignment, he browsed the soccernet website and read one of the biggest headlines which is the Champions League draw. He had a very big laugh there and and tell me 'Liverpool Pah Kah Barcelona, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!' Bugger! Anyway, I'm sorry to this few years, Liverpool had been beating top clubs(Juventus, Chelsea) in Champions League. Their previous meeting is during UEFA Cup semis if I'm not mistaken, 1-0 agg and LIVERPOOL won. Furthermore, we had a Spanish manager against Spanish club this time. Although Barcelona is the winner of Champions League in 2006, but Liverpool is the winner in 2005. I'm sure Liverpool gonna storm through this round!



lianG said...

Me support Barca... wuahahaha!

Alan Tay said...


paiseh then, you will be sad after the knockout stage


Antony said...

LiverFOOLs are going out.. hahahahahahahahaha

lianG said...

Barca go go go!!

sean chua said...

heh heh heh

u stupiak BanANA!! bila came back da jakun-jakun MLK?