Friday, December 15, 2006

Bad Day !!!

14th of December 2006 - Loon's Bad Day

It all started once the clock ticks at 2a.m.. I woke up at this time and it is 16 hours to go before my midterm starts. Initially I planned to study few hours and take a few hours of nap then continue until 8p.m.. Well, things started great as I study at the living hall until my good friend Ben come and kacau me. Nothing much, he just come out and have a break, plus drawing funny stuff on my empty paper. After that, he went back to the room n' sleep. Ok, the funny things start here; I got a tooth-ache! This is the 2nd time i got tooth-ache and it's real painful. I'm forced to sleep at 4a.m. and set my alarm clock so that I can wake up at 8a.m. and start study again.


Whoa! Alarm clock start ringing and congratulations Loon, it's 12p.m.. You are just 8 hours away from the test and you still have 80% more to cover. Guess what, I'm cool and wasn't panic at all (Well, I'm experience with last minute work). I slowly take my time and take a nice bath and buy my lunch as well. My tooth wasn't that pain anymore, so can bear with the minor pain and start study. So how I study?

Nola, I wasn't like that. I was in front of the TV instead, watching DOHA 2006 (Asian Games). Thank you Stephen, he wanted to watch Malaysian's Wushu. Anyway, back to my studies, I remember during my last tutorial class, my tutor did mentioned that, "the midterm test will be based on the tutorial". So, I just finish up all the tutorial and try to study and remember it. So, around 7.30p.m., I already finished revising those tutorials. I plan to slowly walked to campus. OMG! It's drizzling! Walking under the rain and take a test after that is hard for me. So, once I'm there, I start with looking at the question paper. @-@ The first phase that comes into my mind is 'WTF!'. The question aren't familiar and definitely I'm pretty sure that it's not from tutorial. I'm really DOOM and I think it's the toughest midterm ever. I thought that I was the only one having the problem, but after the test, my friends all come to me and have the same phase as what I had at first. Lots of people also refer to the tutorial only.

Well, the only good thing that only comes to me on 14 December I guess is I'm not the only one with the midterm problem. I don't have any tooth-ache on the next day. Hope that the bad day thing is over.

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