Sunday, December 31, 2006

Goodbye 2006

2006 was not a bad year for me though, but somehow there's sure disappointment through the year. I'll start with studies.

One of it was having too many supps in 2006. At the moment is a total of 4 supps, 2 of them is due to failing in finals. I still remember that time I was checking the result at Jason's house, so I did slam his mouse(Sorry~~~~). The other 2 was because I postponed the final exam to have more time for my FIFA training. But somehow, the great stuff last year on my studies was i still manage to all my supps, whether it's 2 papers or one. It's not a good thing to celebrate somehow, so I agree with Mav3. No more supp after the Digital subject's paper.

Financially, not that good initially because I was taking extra subjects and reduced my extra spending from my study loan. It gets even tighter in mid 2006. Until when I leave M'sia to S'pore for Asian WCG, another release of the study loan came. From there things start to get better. And even better when I won the WCG.MY. But most of the cash fly away when I went to Italy. However, Celgames do help me a little and hopefully EFC in this mid year.

My family members care for me a lot and I love them a lot. Not a thing to worry at all because it is always peaceful. My brother had been scoring well in studies and making my parents proud, so it's a very good thing. Relationship wise, erm.......not yet. My friends around might want to see me holding a girl's hand and go out, sorry........not so soon. Need to learn how to take care of myself first before taking care of another person.

In gaming, started well when I won the MMU LANC in FIFA category. Well, I was given the a free win to the final and fight for the victory from wisd, but they still haven't pay me yet!. Then things started to go wrong when i lost in Malacca. I was knock out in the very first round. Then things get worse when I can't even reach top4 in EFC. I was at top32, losing to my own clanmate, lleonu. However things changed when I won the WCG.MY. Although I don't really expect to be winning it, but somehow i made it. Then I went to China for training with the top3 Chinese player. And then go to Italy and compete. Result wasn't that good, top32 again. But at least i get to play with the world Champion and also a guy called Champion. HAHAHHAA! So after that is CELgames, I got 2nd there losing to my own student, Solidsnake. Anyway, he's a strong guy and he deserve the victory. GG! Total, I had collected RM2420 cash from competitions and a PC, earned the most so far. I have calculated that the maximum i can earn is, RM3520, so i eventually got 68.75% of it.

I got quite a number of hardware and original software this year. For hardware, it will be a PC, TITAN mousepad (X2), Razor Mantis, Logitech Rumblepad2 Gamepad, Creative Headset (X2), Everglide Keyboard, and Apacer 1GB Pendrive which are all free. For software will be PC-cillin 2006, FIFA06, FIFA07, and Need for Speed Carbon which are also free.

It was quite a beautiful year to me, but I'm sure I'll have better in 2007. Goodbye 2006.

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