Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Jobs Done: NFS Carbon

Few days ago, I finished my NFS Carbon. Hmmn, let's see what can I comment about the game. It was short, as I expect from what my friends told me. But not disappointed about that. I prefer Carbon much more than Most Wanted. Might be these days I'm bored of looking at games with heavy soft shadows. Even FIFA07 also had these soft shadow thing. It makes me sick and I really prefer playing FIFA07 in night mode setting. Good thing about Carbon is I don't need to to be chased around the city by a bunch of Cops, Jeep and Chopper. This time is rather easy, because i just need to race around with my opponents and win the game. Although the pursuit thing is still there, but this time I don't need to carry loads of bounty and get rid of the cops to win. The main problem I encounter was the Canyon type. I always crashed down the hill. I had played NFS since NFS-2, so this is my 9th NFS game. I can say that NFS-2 and NFSU1 is one of my few favourite NFS generation. ;)


xiaohaibuben said...

Carbon is the worst NFS release....Most Wanted is way way way more better......there isn't any graphic improvement other than making the whole game at the canyon racing is not that engaging either if compare to Most Wanted cop pursuit....the worst part is the short and not satisfying at all.....just 4 main opponents?? WTF? and the wingman system just do not click at all.....for the whole game i'd been using the Fat Guy only to help me crash some of the opponent and surprisingly after he f**king crash other cars, he still managed to keep up wif me?? another WTF?? no doubt this is the dumbest NFS series ever release and i'm so surprise that u find it to be better than Most Wanted.....WTF again???

Anonymous said...

I agree. NFS Carbon is a piece of s*** that got released. I dont understand how I could be ahead of all other opponents and as I reach the finish line, I come in 3rd or 4th. A super-sized, dino pile of s*** WTF.

If I met the team who worked on this load of SHIT they would be in the hospital (if not dead).\

Fuck you NFS Carbon team