Friday, December 8, 2006

Badminton ----> A Gold ?

Me and my housemates watched the badminton semi-final of Asian Games 2006. It started off with Chong Wei from Malaysia going against Taufik from Indonesia. Chong Wei lost 2-0 in the best of 3 set. It was a close game there. But Chong Wei suppose to win. What do you expect somemore from the world no.2 there? >.<

Next we have the Malaysian men's double, K.K.Koo and B.H.Tan. This pair is cool I can say. Just 2 days back, they beat the world no.1 double from China 2-0 and one of the game was 21-9. Can you imagine the world no.1 struggle against this Malaysian unseeded pair? Then on yesterday, again they beat one of the best pair around, who ranked no.3 from Indonesia. Still the result is 2-0 and I can see Malaysia is having a great form here. If the form were to continue tonight, I can see the gold is in our hand.

Well, I never been so supportive in badminton before. Previously, I just watch for fun and don't really care who wins or loses. Might be I just represented Malaysia in one of the Cyber Games tournament 2 months back. It makes me so supportive these days. I can feel how those players feel whether they are leading in front or lagging behind. Although our main different is between holding a racquet and a gamepad, but mentally, our thinking is the same.

Good Luck Malaysia for the finals ^^


Anonymous said...

Ohh nooo.... Alan, u jinxed Chong Wei!!! >_< :p

Alan Tay said...

What a great visit from you, thanks anyway ^^