Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year 2007

During the end of 2006, I met back my old friend, Jack

After watching 'The Nights at Museum' at the IOI Mall with wisd n' Ben, we rush back for new year celebration. Initially, I plan to introduce Jack to Bengyew, but too bad he's not in. So left me, Ben n wisd. Anyway, I think Jack is happy in the sense that we are celebrating New Year with him or maybe other people will refer as 'it'. I fully utilize my speaker this time, until the guard come up and complain. Anyhow, we don't really care, we close our windows and continue our party. We had about 42 songs blasted and I didn't see my soundcard + speaker complain. Anyway, if my soundcard is dead, I'm gonna get an X-Fi before celebrating CNY. So why not i crash it. HAHAHAHA Joking Joking. At the end of the session, Ben gave me this wallpaper when he's high:

Anyway, I'm also half way high when posting up this post!



lex said...

New Year Celebration in our own house and with Jack again? Why didn't go back to Penang????

Alan Tay said...


HAHA, at the moment is like that la. Counting down every year also sien. Actually we got exam coming, so we didn't really go out. =p

Happy New Year Bro!
Do take care of yourself as well!

Hunz said...

Happy New Year tailo
and good luck in final

see ya in Penang