Thursday, December 7, 2006

Bye Bye Oblivion

After 50 hours plus of Oblivioning, finally I manage to close down all the Oblivion Gate. At first, I find the game is too easy as I put the difficulty bar to 1/4 . So what I did this afternoon was to restart the game and played with the highest difficulty. You know what? I got killed by a rat in this difficulty in the very early of the game. What the heck ! During my previous difficulty I was so immortal that even the high level oblivion creature hardly put a scratch on me. Anyway, it's a sign for me. It's meant for me to gave up and start my studies.

(Oh yea, and to start playing FIFA 2007 as well =D)


lex said...

Finally you started writing blog huh!!!! Oooh Oblivion. I tried to play that, but my laptop display card don't support such 'high tech stuff'....And my laptop is not old....

Well when you are free, come and visit my blog
and add my link onto yours

lianG said...

wah! wah! Finally got a blog ^^
Hope can read more post in future ;)
tak abis2 Oblivion :lol:

m[e]|ku@N said...


Alan Tay said...

Thanks for the comments =))

It sounds encouraging to me.

Tan said...

alan blogging? cool..u sure u gonna stop oblivion? :P

Alan Tay said...

Yer Mav, Oblivion is OUT !

EMG awaits me this Thursday