Wednesday, July 2, 2008

AMD! Here I Come!

Intel Rawcks!!!

That is what I said when I got my first Core 2 Duo from WCG06 as prize for getting Champion. Before that, I always wanted to own an AMD processor. I like AMD that much simply because it's green and it's not dominating the market that time. But after my WCG pc, I turned into Intel supporter. Enough of background check, let's get into the main story.

"AMD! Here I Come!"

From the point of view of common readers, you will think that I am about to go AMD for some mini tour, or some exhibition or work? Yes, I am going to AMD and spend my 3 months of internship there. I feel great, really great. I still haven't stop supporting AMD even though my whole house is full of Intel PC although I did say 'Intel Rawcks!!!'. I will be reporting for duty there on the 7th of July and will keep blogging here every once in a while from now onwards. See ya!


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