Thursday, January 24, 2008

Trapped In The Toilet

I know i haven't been posting all this while, but today is different. Not because my mood is good but because I caught myself in a freaking bad day! Have you ever get trapped in your own toilet before? Sure I have. Not only that, I was alone at home and my housemates will only be back earliest Saturday. If I'm lucky, Mav might come back on Friday.

While, when I'm trapped in the stupid toilet, I'm pretty sure that the only way for me to survive is to climb out from the tiny little window which is around 54cm X 60cm located 180cm above the ground. I remember my father told me that, as long as my head can go through a hole, my whole body can go through it also. And I got no choice now but to believe it.

The first time I go for it, I failed. My leg barely can go through the window. But I didn't give up, because the only way for me to survive is to climb out from the window. So I go for second try. And this time is a little better. Because after my second try, I figured out that I'm sure I can get out of the toilet. But whether I get my head knocked or not, it's another question. And my leg almost cramp during my second try. So I did some stretching before my last try.

On my last try, I managed to get my left leg out. So I slowly moved my body out of the toilet that time and left my right leg this time. This is the second decision that I have to make, that is whether to drop down or to slowly move my right leg out. I choose not to fall cause I'm scared of it. Of course, no one loves falling down where you can't land with two foot. In the end, I managed to get my right leg out with some scratches.

I'm really fortunate this time. If not, I will have to survive for 3 days by not eating and drinking toilet water (the worst case). And also I learned a lesson today, that is:


Or at least like my friend just told me, 'bring your handphone along to the toilet'.

I post this out because I hope no one else will have to die in your own toilet by getting trapped for days. Thanks for reading, this is my first post of 2008. I'll continue posting when I'm free.

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